Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sparkling Dots

i wonder how it will be like to float on the air. see amazing things on earth from the sky. really. i mean it. i really wanna float on the air, on bright and warm morning. sneaking around the clouds. Sneezing, because of a feather. a bird has left it somewhere between those clouds. one of flying creatures with wings and feathers. gifted. humanbeings don't. that's why i wanna float, not fly. ah. scratch that.

i can see millions colourful dots. if i zoom in one of the dots,i will see a large view. then i pick a yellow dot. it's a great day at amusement park. kids, laughs, hot dog, coke, lollipops, balloons, musics and wow.. giant rollercoaster.. and so i hear people screaming. and a block from it, a huge fountain is built as the center of the park. outstanding, fearless and static. but i watch how dynamic the water moving out, and going down hiding in the pumb. then moving out again freshly. really fresh so i want to touch it. but i didn't pay for a ticket, and i'm still floating, so let's zoom the dot out.

wind blows me.. and i'm so happy moving soooo fast then bouncing on another air pressure. it stops me and let me watch a orange dots next to the blue shadow. zoom in. and i see an endless coastline with soft sand and bunch of abandoned seashells. sunset view is waiting to engage with the ocean. a girl walks alone along the line, leaving her happy bestfriends collecting shells. she plays with the wave and jump a little. she turns around and takes some pictures of her happy besties. she sits on the sand enjoying the pictures. orange sunset view is on her bright eyes. i need to leave her with those loveable things. so i zoom it out.

now i'm interested to watch the city night life from above. tiny sparkling dots just like the stars looked like. i think. they just so interest me a lot. i press zoom in button to a dot. i see colorful city lights that reflect on rain puddles on street. and a blue shining fast car splash them. a guy with black suites is on his way driving his girlfriend home. he teases her along the way, and she looks doesn't like it. but i can see her smile, a second but sweet. as sweet as her white blazer and a blink-blink hairpin. it's hard for me to zoom out and leave them.. i really don't want to zoom it out. but i want to get out from this wonderland. cause now i'm smiling.. just a second and i feel it so sweet, and i feel butterflies is floating in my stomach..

20.10.2010 11 am - 21.20.2010 1 pm